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Dr. Dirk Rohrbach

Dr. Dirk Rohrbach is a German physician,
radio journalist, and National Geographic
author and photographer. With his award-winning
live presentations, he is one of Europe’s most renowned inspirational speakers.  

For 20 years, he has hosted regular shows on national prime time radio in Germany and created several formats including “Americana,” a five-hour weekly music program introducing American country and folk music to his audience.

Dirk Rohrbach’s photojournalistic projects have been decorated with prizes multiple times. His live presentations are impressive with charismatic rhetoric and brilliant production. The books Yukon and Americana about his previous adventures are published through Malik/National Geographic in Europe. In the fall of 2013 renowned German publisher Piper has released Manual Instructions for Alaska about his experiences in Alaska.

In the summer of 2013 Dirk has traveled across America with his bicycle and camera for the new project Highway Junkie, collecting stories and photographs for a picture book, that has been published through National Geographic Germany as well as his latest release 'YUKON - New Adventures on the Great River'.